There is an analytics movement occurring in healthcare, this is happening because healthcare systems and providers are starting to realize the benefit of accessing large pools of real time data in decision making. Care Analytics is able to generate clean and actionable data by using information technology to verify and validate it. We capture data on the order of 7 to 10x greater than current market standard, allowing significant improvement in validation.

In the patient satisfaction Industry an understanding of predictive analytics is uncommon. Forecasting and determining the value of patient sentiment can be a very powerful tool in resource allocation. Care Analytics harnesses expert skills from other analytical industries and applied them to patient satisfaction and quality improvement and is the only tablet-based assessment product specifically geared only towards skilled nursing facilities and Assisted Living communities. Our cloud based mobile patient satisfaction assessments allow facilities to gauge their patient satisfaction in real time. This gives the facility a distinct advantage over traditional patient satisfaction methods to quickly adjust to the patients needs.

Care Analytics prepares a monthly customized report to your team, facility, or community. We understand and respect management strategic decisions making and limitation in resources. Our reports are not developed in a vacuum but rather in conversation with your team to determine clear achievable targets. While recommendations are being implemented, real time assessment data is continuously obtained to adjust minute-by-minute patient satisfaction and quality improvement.