Care Analytics assessments are important because they give you a realistic view of what is happening in the day-to-day practice of your facility. They help you sort out problems that need considerable work from issues that appear to be working reasonably well and perhaps need only staff reminders to be on track. Unlike surveys in which you try to put your best foot forward, this is a survey that requires you to look at both feet honestly and constructively. If the issues that arise through the survey process then become part of a multidisciplinary approach to fix the problems, your staff’s day-to-day work should become more manageable and more satisfying.

Utilizing the surveys at your facility can provide you with the feedback necessary to improve quality of care, increase patient and family satisfaction, as well as provide staff the tools needed to better manage patient transitions.



When Care Analytics has analyzed comments from the Very Elderly, major themes have been:
•Failure to meet needs for information
•The chaos of having so many clinicians
•Not having enough time
•Responsiveness and toileting
•General hygiene

The Very Elderly represent an increasingly important segment of patients from clinical and business perspectives. Because of their greater health issues, their health care needs are greater and more complex, and facilities are more likely to fall short of meeting those needs. Data demonstrate that communication and coordination issues are particularly important challenges in the care of the Very Elderly. Patient satisfaction assessments can tip of facilities to the needs of the elderly patients in a timely manner.


Care Analytics is a tablet-based software that assesses skilled nursing facilities and provides feedback to make quality improvements for patient satisfaction in real time. To advance the patient experience, providers must understand patient needs and address targeted opportunities within patient populations. Care Analytics provides meaningful and actionable insights into every aspect of patient perception. We work with facilities across the globe to collect feedback through real-time point of care tablet based assessments. We provide straight-forward steps focusing on the key drivers of exceptional patient experiences. Our model is based on the marriage of big data and years of experience with improving patient satisfaction